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Retro Christmas Tree Decoration

Add style and personality to your tree this Christmas with my fantastic collection of memorable Christmas tree decorations.

Retro Christmas Tree Decoration

This family memories Christmas tree bauble collection is made with my favourable parts of happy and full of love past Christmas in mind.

Retro Christmas

This family memories Christmas tree bauble collection is made with my favourable parts of happy and full of love past Christmas in mind.

Retro Santa 

This charming collection was designed to celebrate the inner child in all of us at Christmas time to celebrate all our old fashion family traditions.

They come in sets of 3 

made from silk clay pipe cleaners fur for the beard.

Retro Santa

Retro snowmen

Coming soon my New Retro Snowmen 

will be sold in sets of 3

Retro Christmas Tree Decoration

The collection includes a wide variety of designs, each telling its own special part of Christmas story and which together will give that extra special touch to your celebrations this festive season.



So many beautiful Christmas gift's at fab price's 

Welcome to our children party page

Children Birthday Party's 

Great play to be had by all with this clay kit
 from 6 children's party, to how many you'r catering for.

Play and make and take home after party.

From £40 


All my Bride n Groom caricature cake toppers are hand- made and no two are the same, as all are individual made, with love and care, each model takes its own ti​me to make depends on what you wish made for you.

Please allow me as much time as possible.

All Wedding toppers are made around 4 weeks before your wedding date, but if your wedding is closer than this, please just pop me a message and I will see what I can do.

I can personalise my clay models to the colour of your wedding also can add your names and wedding date to the base.

I can add extras like props to personalise to the couple ‘’just asked what I can do for you.’’

Most of the cake toppers come with a base and the option of names and date.

Size are from H 2'' to 8’ plus

Base size depends on bride groom models, Weight they are very light.

Price will be change on the size of the modal please ask when ordering.

Bride n Groom Wedding Cake Toppers are made out of Non edible clay Silk clay, ribbon’s, rhinestone beads and pins.

I send all Bride n Groom cake toppers out on recorded next day delivery

They can come in their own presentation box so can be given as a gift as a permanent keepsakes plus the box is dressed to the colour and themes of your wedding at extra cost. Otherwise I send them out in a clear film box,

not dressed left undressed so you can doctorate it yourself.

Once you have ordered your Bride n Groom cake topper, I will send you a message to ask you for as much information as possible, but you do not need to have all of your final details to book, I will start up a file and we can keep in contact throughout the process.

But I must have final details 8 weeks prior to wedding date or sooner, or may not be able to full fill the final details and if this happens then you will receive a bride and groom cake topper made from the details first given, every effort will be made for this not to happen:)

I will pack all of the handmade models securely in a box to ensure safe delivery. When models leave me, they will have been dried and secured. In the unlikely event of a breakage in the postal system, please contact me with pictures of the breakage and then we can work out the best way to fix it.

Christmas Garlands with lights

Santa Sweet House

Christmas Fairy's

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Cake Toppers

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